Aftermarket Sunroof installation in Mumbai, with warranty

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In this week’s blog we are going to share with all our readers about aftermarket sunroof installation.

An sunroof is a movable glass panel that is operable to uncover an opening in an automobile’s roof, which allows light and/or fresh air to enter the passenger compartment. Sunroofs are either manually operated or motor driven. Sunroofs are of great importance in European and American nations but for a country like India, it’s more of an accessory to bump up the cool factor of a car. Sunroofs are generally a standard fitment in luxury and high end cars but they are soon finding making way into budget cars. There are many brands which offer aftermarket sunroofs for all types of cars with ‘Webasto’ being the most preferred brand.

Quite recently Autorounders installed sunroofs in few cars and we are going to share the complete installation process of a sunroof.

There are 3 types of sunroofs to choose from depending on the car type and budget of the customer.

  1. Pop up sunroof:

Pop up sunroofs are simply a manually operated tilting panel. These panels are usually removable and must be stored when removed. They are the cheapest and most reliable option of sunroofs.

2) Spoiler sunroof:

Spoiler sunroofs tilt to vent and slide open above the roof, requiring little headroom or roof length. Spoilers typically do not provide as large an opening as other roof systems, but offer the convenience of a self-storing panel. Most spoiler roofs are electric, with optional features like integrated sunshades and one touch open and close function.

3) Inbuilt sunroof:

Inbuilt sunroof’s have a panel which slides between the metal roof and interior headliner, requiring some loss of headroom but providing a full opening in the roof. All inbuilts slide inside the roof, while some also include a tilt function. They are the most premium and expensive type of sunroof.


Installation for a pop up sunroof takes less than 4 hours whereas it takes at least 6-7 hours for installing an electric spoiler sunroof.Installing an Inbuilt sunroof takes about a day.

Installation process

Firstly the car’s roof is cleaned thoroughly to get rid of grime and dirt which might hamper the installation process. Post cleaning a dummy sunroof sticker is pasted on the roof of the car from outside to make all the necessary markings and measurements.

The first set of drilling is done on the roof to fix a dummy sunroof from the inside and fix it with screws with the dummy on top of the roof.

Post all alignment and measurements the most important process starts I.e: cutting of the roof. First the headliner is cut then the metal roof is cut on the basis of the markings and measurements made with utmost precision.

On completion of cutting of the roof,the sunroof’s frame is fitted.

Post that the main sunroof’s glass is fitted.

A pop up sunroof gets completed in the steps mentioned above but for an electric sunroof the main challenge is still pending I.e: the wiring part.

On completion of the installation process the sunroofs are made to pass a water leak test.A water leak test is a must to check if there is any leakage from the newly installed sunroof.

On successfully clearing the required tests the sunroofs are good to enhance the the looks & style statement of the car with added sense of reliability.All the Webasto sunroofs come with a warranty which further sweetens the deal and brings a sense of peace of mind.

Sunroof installations done by Autorounders in Toyota Etios Cross

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